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Hormone replacement therapy can significantly alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance such as fatigue, mood swings, and hot flashes, enhancing your daily comfort and overall well-being.

Our approach is tailored to your unique health needs, ensuring you receive safe, effective treatment to support your health goals.

Hormone Replacement Therapy available in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado & New Mexico.

Menopause Care & Women's Hormone Replacement Therapy- How it works

Free telehealth consultation

Meet with us to discuss symptoms and learn about our program, then get lab tests done.

Initial visit with Nurse Practitioner

We will review your test results and discuss your treatment plan.

Medications delivered to you

Medications will be delivered directly to your door.

Ongoing support tailored to you

Staff available via text, phone, email, telehealth anytime.

Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: Sudden waves of heat, often accompanied by sweating, particularly at night.
  • Mood Swings: Unexplained changes in mood, including feelings of depression or anxiety.
  • Weight Gain: Unexpected weight gain, particularly around the abdomen, which can be hard to lose despite diet and exercise.
  • Fatigue: Persistent tiredness that doesn’t improve with rest.
  • Sleep Issues: Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, leading to disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Low Libido: A noticeable decrease in sexual desire, which can affect personal relationships.
  • Memory Fog: Trouble with focus, memory recall, and concentration.
  • Vaginal Dryness: Discomfort due to decreased moisture production, which can also lead to discomfort during intercourse.
  • Hair Loss or Thinning: An increase in hair shedding or noticeable thinning of hair.

Why Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are compounds that are chemically identical to the hormones naturally produced by your body. They are derived from plant sources and crafted to precisely match your body’s natural hormones, providing a seamless integration for therapy. Here’s why choosing bioidentical hormones can be beneficial:

  • Natural Compatibility: Because they are structurally the same as the hormones produced by your body, bioidentical hormones are typically well-tolerated, reducing the risk of unwanted side effects.
  • Tailored Treatments: Bioidentical hormone therapy can be customized to fit your specific hormonal needs, which is not always possible with synthetic hormones.
  • Effective Symptom Relief: They effectively alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and bone density loss.
  • Versatile Forms: Available in various forms like creams and pills, allowing for flexibility in how they are administered.

Are Bioidentical Hormones safe?

Bioidentical hormones mimic the molecular structure of the hormones your body naturally produces. This precise match is believed to offer a safer, more natural option for hormone replacement therapy. Here are key points regarding the safety of bioidentical hormones:

  • Natural Structure: Bioidentical hormones are identical in chemical structure to those your body produces naturally, which may help minimize the risk of adverse effects that can occur with synthetic hormones.
  • Individualized Dosages: Treatments can be tailored to individual needs, allowing for dosage adjustments based on your specific hormone levels, which enhances safety and effectiveness.
  • Widely Studied: Supported by research, bioidentical hormones have been used for decades to help individuals regain hormonal balance and enhance their quality of life.
  • Experience and Feedback: Many patients report better tolerability and fewer side effects with bioidentical hormones compared to synthetic alternatives, although individual experiences can vary.

Who Shouldn't take hormones?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) offers many benefits, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some conditions and situations where certain hormone therapies, usually estrogen, may not be advised:

  • History of Breast, Ovarian, or Uterine Cancer: Women with current or past cancers of hormone-sensitive tissues are typically advised against HRT due to potential hormone interaction with cancer cells.
  • Blood Clotting Disorders or History of Stroke: HRT may not be an option for those with clotting disorders or a history of stroke or heart attack.
  • Liver Disease: Certain hormone therapies are not recommended for those with significant liver impairment.
  • Unexplained Vaginal Bleeding: Any unexplained bleeding should be evaluated before considering HRT.
  • Heart Disease: Women with active or severe heart disease may need to avoid HRT due to the risk of aggravating the condition.

It is crucial to have a thorough evaluation and discussion with a healthcare provider to understand the risks and benefits of HRT in the context of your medical history and health status. Our clinic is committed to providing personalized care to determine the best and safest treatment options for you.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Pricing

You can use insurance to have labs done. We charge a $50 fee for ordering, interpretation and follow up for labs done using insurance. We will provide diagnosis codes for insurance claim processing, but cannot guarantee if your insurance will cover the cost or how much they may cover. 

Comprehensive Treatment

$166/month, charged as $499 for a

3 month program

Our 3 month program includes Nurse Practitioner visits, prescription medications delivered to you, all follow up labs and visits as well as access directly to our staff via cell phone for any questions or concerns.

Lab testing will need to be done after 3 – 6 months of treatment. Labs can be drawn at Quest without insurance for $99 or there is a $50 fee if you would prefer to use your insurance.

$75 off for existing Weight Loss Clients