Weight Loss Resources

How our program works

Schedule your free consultation from our website to discuss what your needs are and determine if our program sounds like a good fit for you. 

Telehealth visit with the Nurse Practitioner – we will discuss your medical history, symptoms, goals, diet and exercise habits, likes, dislikes, what you want from the program. We will discuss treatment options. We will talk about any medical issues that could be contributing to your difficulty losing weight and determine if any lab testing is appropriate and order labs if needed.

Everyone is different. We offer coaching for nutrition and exercise. Some of us benefit from a low carb diet, some a low fat or low calorie diet. Exercise is important but we need to find things that are safe, and that you will enjoy and stick with. We need to set goals that are realistic and achievable for you. We can also help you to address the underlying causes of your weight gain. There are many factors – stress eating, emotional eating, eating out of boredom or habit. Not everyone will want or need the same things and our program is not one size fits all. We want to get to know you and figure out how we can help.